Bethany Rivers is the author of ‘Fountain of Creativity – Ways to nourish your writing’ from Victorina Press,

‘the sea refuses no river’ from Fly on the Wall Press

and ‘Off the wall’ from Indigo Dreams, and has many single poems published in the UK and USA.

Interview of Bethany Rivers by Victorina Press on how to be a writer and nourish your writing.


A mini reading from the sea refuses no river.

Below are samples of the poems performed by Bethany Rivers.

Review of ‘Off the wall’: The Pre-Raphaelite Woman: Art & Poetry

Release date 22nd July 2016


3x poems published in International Times, April 2020


Poem: Whales – published by Honey and Lime, Issue 5, Oct 2019


Poem: Map for the Bereaved – published by Riggwelter, Issue 18, Feb 2019


Poem: Rise – published as part of ’84: Poems on male suicide, Vulnerability, Grief and Hope’ Feb 2019

All proceeds go to the charity CALM.


Launch of Fly on the Wall’s anthology on the theme of the outsider, released 16th October 2018


Poem: Unsaid –  Riggwelter – Issue 13, Sept 2018


Poem: Ophelia’s Dreaming – August 2018 – in ‘Algebra of Owls’

Ophelia’s Dreaming – by Bethany Rivers

Poem: Demeter’s Veil – August 2018 – Issue 11, Into the trees


The Writers’ Cafe Magazine – ISSUE 11 “Into the Trees”

rainforest brightened


5x poems including: Hiraeth / No voice / Time is softer – August 2018,eric-ngalle-charles-9780995496668


Poem called: No flight plan

Picaroon, Issue #12, May 2018

Picaroon Poetry – Issue #12 – May 2018


Poem called: Capitol Hill, 13th March 2018

The Writers’ Cafe Magazine – ISSUE 7 “Shoes”

Image may contain: bedroom and indoor


Poem called: At my father’s grave – Highly Commended in Shepton Mallet Snowdrop Festival Competition 2018



Poem: sometimes it’s winter in the middle of summer

Algebra of Owls, Feb 2018


Violets – withered all when my father died

Three drops from a cauldron, Issue 18, August 2017

Image result for three drops from a cauldron


Yorkshire Anthology – Released August 2017


Three poems at Clear Poetry:

Bethany Rivers – three poems


Poem called ‘The Malvern Hills’  (about coming home, accepting a new home)

‘The Everyday Poet’, Editor Deborah Alma (Emergency Poet)

Everyday Poet


Poem called ‘At Seventeen’, Silver Birch Press, Feb 2017



Photo ‘Heart Break’, by Angela Chaney, Prints available at

Hygge poem: ‘white fire’ at Angela Topping’s Blog on Hygge poems, Jan 2017



Poems celebrating ‘Love & Ensuing Madness’ at Rat’s Ass Review, Jan 2017:


Art work: ‘One Heart’ by Susan Solomon


‘deep cut’ – Clear Poetry Anthology 2016



Poem about the friendliness of arachnids:

‘Spider’ – Fair Acre Press e-book, February 2016

Poetry on Spiders ebook cover for website 1


Poem about a hospital stay and the parent leaves:

‘Without Goodbyes’ – Ink Sweat & Tears, 25th April 2015


Poem about inner-stillness: ‘deep ear’ – The Ofi Press, Issue 45


Political protest poems:

‘Peace-Seeker’ & ‘Behind Closed Doors’ – I am not a silent poet, 6th March 2016

‘Breaking News’, 11th Sept 2016


Magical winter poem: ‘Snow Prayer’ – Three Drops from a Cauldron, 17th December 2015


Poems: ‘What Lies Behind’ & ‘Treasure Hunt’ – Amygdala (USA)


‘Raw Edges’ – Poems to Survive in – Fat Damsel, April 2016



Poem about loss of a parent: ‘Message of a Name’ – Silver Birch Press, Nov 2016




The poem below was published by Wenlock Poetry Festival as part of their Valentine’s Celebration in 2015:

In Silhouette                                                                                      


the candle in the centre of the windowsill

flickers its flame forwards

almost touching

its reflection


her shadow

greets his shadow

like two willows

lacing a brook


fairy lights frame

the window

blink blink

room holds its breath

fire hesitates


before its next crackle

wind’s howl drops

to a low moan

table and chairs feel


like liquid or air


her breath


touching his


heat shimmers

between lips


phone resolute     stays silent

front door is busy

repelling visitors

or the thought of them


her eyes close

like a feather falling

his eyes close

like a camera shutter


miniature carriage clock

on its mantelpiece

reflected in a fairy

light window


Bethany Rivers


The poem below was published by Wenlock Poetry Festival as part of their 2014 Advent Calendar:


There’s a song within you

that’s waiting to be heard.

The universe expands


the breath within your lungs.

The lake with no boats is still

anticipating the rise of the sun


and the season to open. Through

the thickets of winter, and the lattice

hedges of scribble, beyond


the luminescence of snow-berries

against a grey-billowing sky,

the buds are growing deeper


on the horse chestnut tree,

the ash is preparing for future keys,

we return to sing the re-birth of the sun.

Bethany Rivers


Further poems can be found in Envoi (Issue 171), Bare Fiction (Issue 2), Obsessed with Pipework, Sarasvati (Issue 40), several issues of Blithe Spirit and many other magazines and anthologies.