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Hello there, welcome to Writing Your Voice! 

Here you will find everything you need to be the writer you want to be! 

I am author of ‘Fountain of Creativity: ways to nourish your writing’, two poetry pamphlets and a novel.

I love writing and I love enabling others to find their voice and to write too!



If you are considering a mentoring session with Bethany, I urge you to book one.

If, like me, you think you’re not experienced or talented or motivated enough for professional advice, get a session booked in to give you the guidance, confidence and inspiration you need.

I came away really believing in my story and the great places I could take it to. Bethany is genuinely interested in all types of writing, seeing the potential in everyone, and will make you feel like an equal. She will guide you with gentle prompts and questions, without getting caught up in minor detail.

Don’t be put off if you think you’re not poetic or creative enough – Bethany is skilled at crafting any piece of prose, and her patient touch will be all you need to get yourself writing today.

SARAH HOLLAND – Business Manager


‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.’ Maya Angelou

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Bethany´s feedback is insightful, considered, enlightening and kind. She easily pin points areas I have been completely blind to in my work and guides me to see with an entirely new perspective. I have ended up with much better poems/collection structure for it.   Working with Bethany is a joy and I have learnt so much from her brilliant approach. I highly recommend working with such a perceptive woman.

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